Please send an email to info@crossfitkaiserslautern.com. Drops ins are reserved for those who do not require a Foundations Course and who can demonstrate a working knowledge of the CF movements.  Drop Ins can only be scheduled for the current week to ensure full time members get priority to schedule their classes.  We enjoy having out of visitors in the gym, so come on in and check out the gym.

* Do you provide childcare?
Yes, we do provide childcare with a co-op system. There’s limited space availalbe. Please contact us for further information.
There is also a room where the children are able to play with adult supervision.  Kids may not be left unattended in the kid room. CFKL is not responsible for Member’s children and it is the parent’s sole responsibility to ensure the safety of their children and that adult supervision is provided at all times while on the property. Children must remain inside the kid room at all times.

* PCS:
– You can cancel at any time due to PCS, upon providing copy of orders. Your final month is not prorated, so you can pay for the full month and attend as usual until you leave, or you can end your contract the month before, then pay for drop ins for the remainder of the time you are here. You need to give 2 weeks notice.

* Do I have to attend the same day and time each week?
Member’s may attend any combination of times and days that suit them.

* How early can I schedule classes?
Members are welcome to schedule your classes up to 7 days in advance. The earlier you schedule, the more likely you are to get your preferred class time.

* How long do I have to cancel a class?
You may cancel a class up to 3 hours before the scheduled start time and you will be able to reschedule that class for another time. If you need to cancel after the 3 hour window, you will not be able to reschedule. Please note there’s a nightly blackout from 10pm – 5am where no cancellations can be made.